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DIY Lotion Pump Dispenser ~ Recycle those plastic containers and lotion pumps into something useful

I always seem to have hand cream left in my pump bottles and hate to waste it ~ rather than get myself all frustrated trying to scrape the cream out of the bottle, I used a plastic container, some duct tape and the spent lotion pump to make my own usable container.

To see more: http://cupcakesandcrinoline.com/2013/02/recycle-make-your-own-pump-dispenser/

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  • Jill Vokey
    Jill Vokey Plymouth, MA

    Great idea will have to use with my next lotion purchase pump I have now is broken.

  • Susie Lovelace Cooper
    Susie Lovelace Cooper Charlotte, NC


  • Sharon D Schwarz
    Sharon D Schwarz Bristol, PA

    How do you keep the pump from moving? It usually screws on to the bottle.

  • Chilling11
    Chilling11 Los Angeles, CA

    Pictures do not an explanation make. They ILLUSTRATE the written instructions provided by the author. No written instructions = frustrated readers, not only because they're left guessing as to the particulars, but ALSO because that lack is a clear

    • Mary Beth
      Mary Beth Coraopolis, PA

      If you click the link - to see more - you will find the directions.

  • Sharon D Schwarz
    Sharon D Schwarz Bristol, PA

    FYI another post showed how to use acetone (nail polish remover) to remove the print on the container. It leaves a nice white surface that can be painted on or written on.

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