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DIY Lotion Pump Dispenser ~ Recycle those plastic containers and lotion pumps into something useful

I always seem to have hand cream left in my pump bottles and hate to waste it ~ rather than get myself all frustrated trying to scrape the cream out of the bottle, I used a plastic container, some duct tape and the spent lotion pump to make my own usable container.

To see more: http://cupcakesandcrinoline.com/2013/02/recycle-make-your-own-pump-dispenser/

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  • Becky J
    Becky J Troy, IL
    cute idea. I am so frustrated right now trying to get my Oil of Olay face wash out of the container right now. I may just cut it down and scoop it out.
  • Mary Beth
    Mary Beth Coraopolis, PA
    Thanks, Becky J ~ that's what happened to me ~ I was so tired of wasting and scooping! )
  • Anne
    Anne Chicago, IL
    Great idea!So great to reuse /recycle!
  • Julie Goulart
    Julie Goulart Mashpee, MA
    I make handmade soaps including liquid soap...this would be great for my own soap !
  • Junie Locklear-Blanks
    Junie Locklear-Blanks Lumberton, NC
    Brillant idea!
  • Linda
    Linda Mayfield, KY
    i love this idea
Mary Beth

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