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Copper Wine Rack

Each month, a great group of DIY bloggers gets together to share their amazing creations featuring products from Home Depot. A few months ago, we completed a project using copper pipe, and I chose to make this amazing Copper Wine Rack :) I'm thrilled to be sharing the project on HomeTalk today!
Here are some pictures of the supplies I used for the project (for a full list of supplies, please visit the blog: Love, Create, Celebrate).
To start you have to measure everything to make sure that this piece can hang properly from your cupboards. Cupboard depth and length, wine bottle length and diameter.
One I had all my measurements, I made a sketch by hand and calculated everything I needed.
Based on my measurements (for a standard cupboard), I needed to cut the copper into:
2 x 14″
4 x 3.5″
4 x 2″
4 x 4″4 x 5.5″
I cut each piece by measuring it with the tape measure, marking my cut with a marker, and cutting with the tube cutter [thanks to the handy hubby for the tutorial on that!].
Once each piece was cut, I gently sanded the edges, so that they would slide into the joints nicely.
Next I did a dry fit to check that all my measurements were right. I’m SO glad I did this! If you saw in my photo above, I had originally planned to cut the width pieces at 7″ instead of 5.5″. When I did the dry fit, I realized that the wine bottles would have slid right out of the rack! Lucky I hadn’t glued anything yet!!
Now you can glue!
Mix your epoxy (as per instructions) – only a small amount at a time – and spread inside your joints. Join the pieces together, and push them against a flat surface to make sure that both joints off each pipe are at the same angle.
Finally, use your 90 degree ruler to make sure that everything is level and square.
Add your clamps to the top bars, and bask in your beautiful masterpiece before you hang it up!
Not gonna lie, my husband had to hang his own gift after he opened it, lol.
He measured a short distance from the back of the wall, and used eight small screws to hang the wine rack from the cupboard above. Ensure that the screws are shorter than the thickness of the board you are attaching it to. That way the screws won’t pierce the board on the inside.
Hope you liked the project! For a full list of supplies, additional instructions, and further details, please visit the blog post :)

To see more: http://www.lovecreatecelebrate.com/copper-wine-rack/

Ask the creator about this project

  • Hannah V
    Hannah V Brooklyn, NY
    on Aug 26, 2015

    A few of my favorite things- copper & wine! :D Love this!!

  • Marcy
    on Aug 27, 2015

    Great project, cute and creative.

    • Lindi
      Lindi Canada
      on Aug 28, 2015

      Thanks!! I loved the final product!!

  • Debbra Wilson
    Debbra Wilson Greer, SC
    on Oct 4, 2015

    Love copper....bet this design would make a great pot rack too

  • Jenlove
    Jenlove Wallace, SC
    on Oct 4, 2015

    Creative thinking I just love it!

  • Pat
    Pat Cedar Rapids, IA
    on Oct 4, 2015

    very nice job

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