Test your "leaf lingo" and win a $250 Home Depot gift card!

I love the golden leaves of fall -- so much so that I took a photo of three of them from my landscape. Can you name all three?

Post your guess in the Comment box below and we'll announce the winner here Monday.

(In case we have multiple correct entries, Hometalk will conduct a random drawing from among them to determine the winner.) Have fun!

  • Yvonne B
    Thank you Walter. That was so much fun. I can't wait for the next contest. I enjoy my plant identification.

    And thanks Miriam

  • Sabrina D
    Sabrina D Columbus, GA
    Thanks Walter for putting on the contest. My son and I had a great time working on this together. Looking forward to the next one.
  • Bill
    Bill Fayetteville, GA
    Thanks Walter. Pleasantly reminded me of the leaf collection we had to make in 10th grade. I still have mine 40 years later.
  • Melissa P
    Melissa P Parkville, MD
    Thanks Walter. I really enjoyed this contest and doing a little research. : )
  • Frank C
    Frank C Lawrenceville, GA
    I wish I had better knowledge of Leaves but hey this was a great contest Walter....I listen to your show on saturdays on the way to work. Keep up the great things you do for the listeners of WSB..Now 95.5 Fm LOL
  • Natalie W
    Natalie W Mckeesport, PA
    Congratulations to all the winners! That was fun!
  • Jane M
    Jane M Lake Geneva, WI
    thanks for the fun...can't wait until the next one especially since we will have snow soon...
  • Walter Reeves
    Walter Reeves Decatur, GA
    Jane (and everyone else) - things may happen sooner than you think!
  • Becky
    Becky Orlando, FL
    Perhaps this is one of those moments when our gardening disappointments can be turned into some kind of success. I recognized the Nicotiana leaf because I had been growing Nicotiana sylvestris from seed this year. They were doing so well, and I had
  • Debbie N
    Debbie N Dahlonega, GA
    Thanks for the contest. It was fun :^)
  • Peace Painting Co., Inc.
    As a child, I helped pick tobacco worms off the plants and helped a little hanging it up but I've never thought of growing my own. Hmmm!
  • Hallie C
    Hallie C Phoenix, AZ
    ginkgo, spirea, nicotiana

    crossing my fingers

  • Walter Reeves
    Walter Reeves Decatur, GA
    Brenda et al: this contest closed last Monday, Nov. 14. (See results above)

    Come join our new contest at http://www.hometalk.com/activity/100910?se=...

  • Yvonne B
    Received my prize and just wanted to say thank you one more time. thanks!
  • Charlotte F
    Charlotte F Hillman, MI
    I was refering to the purple flowers notthe leaf above. Sorry!
Walter Reeves