DIY Painted Bathtub

good to know 05.12.15
I just finished painting my bathtub a couple of days ago. I used Rust-Oleum Tub & Tile Refinishing Kit, and it's still curing (you're not supposed to get water on it for three days), but the paint seems very durable. Of course, it IS paint, so it won't last forever, but I think this is a very good solution if you want a somewhat easy fix for an ugly, outdated tub, and don't quite have the budget for a complete replacement. More details (including a video) at the link below.
Time: 8 Hours Cost: $125.00 Difficulty: Moderate

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  • Mary
    Mary Independence, KY
    I'm going to try this on my laundry tubs as they look nasty after 25+ yrs.
  • Jennifer G
    Jennifer G Clifton, CO
    We have a poorly installed and GROSS tub enclosure that has nasty yellow stains on it that will not come out - I've tried EVERYTHING and it's still as yellow as the day we moved in. Now that I've seen your post, I'm so going to paint it until we can gut
  • Beth Sanfilippo
    Beth Sanfilippo Schiller Park, IL
    Can you paint the fiberglass surround too? We have fiberglass surround walls installed..ugly and dated. Would love to paint them to spruce things up. Can't afford to replace the walls right now. .
  • Tracy Jo
    Tracy Jo Canada
    Did this tub paint stand up to the test of time?
  • Real Antique Wood
    Real Antique Wood Irvington, NJ
    Will it withstand a good scrubbing or will it peel off? I have a blue tub that I absolutely hate and would love to paint it white but was afraid of the paint peeling when I washed the tub revealing the blue tub underneath. Anyone know if this would work
  • Dee Moreland Jones
    I've never tried it on fiberglass. But I don't know why it wouldn't as log as the fiberglass

    Is braced underneath well so that it does not flex. If there is any give in the fiberglass I believe it would

  • Judy Herman
    Judy Herman Mesa, AZ
    Tub looks fantastic. Good job. I sure would like to know how it stands the test of time!
  • Lulu
    Lulu Alpine, CA
    We used the Blue Can easy off on our fiberglass surrounds and tub and it cleaned up beautifully
    • Fran
      Fran Statesville, NC
      What are fiberglass surrounds? Is Blue Can a paint?
  • Lulu
    Lulu Alpine, CA
    We cleaned our fiberglass surrounds and tubs with Easy Off. The Blue Can and they came out beautifully then I waxed them with turtle wax. It has been almost two years and they still look great.
  • Lulu
    Lulu Alpine, CA
    The fiberglass surrounds are a three piece fiberglass shower unit. Easy Off is an oven cleaner, but the blue can is very good at cleaning up the fiberglass showers.
  • Annette Merrill
    Annette Merrill Little Rock, AR
    Your tub is beautiful, you did an amazing job. I'm going to try it on my tub.Thanks for posting.
  • HappyNanaSTLMO
    HappyNanaSTLMO Saint Louis, MO
    Wow, your took looks so gorgeous after the paint! I'm also wondering how it stands up over time, but even more important, I'm wondering how safe it is to take a bath in a tub that's been painted with this paint? And I'm wondering the same thing if Turtle
  • Rebecca Brennan
    I did this but had no idea about it and my effort looks terrible in comparison...... Any ideas how to strip it off and try again. I've got drip marks and its just not even..... Been looking at it for 2 years now hating it but now I know where I went
  • Barbara Manco
    Barbara Manco Middletown, NY
    My son did this about a month ago but the floor in the tub keeps getting indented by a shower chair and needing touch up.. sink and counter done too, I love the clean look!
  • Connie Nikiforoff Designs
    For those of you wondering whether this product can or cannot be used on specific types of tubs, surrounds, etc. go to Rustoleum's website. There will be that information and an MSDS sheet for all their products.
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