How To Make A SImple Jute Webbing Basket

Must Try Ideas 02.21.16
I had a lot of fun making this basket, in about 30 minutes and just for $7.00 with jute webbing! I shared the full tutorial on the blog today.

I headed to my local JoAnn Fabrics, and couldn't find jute webbing there. but apparently that is where people have found it. You can check out your local fabric store and look in the upholstery section to see if you can find jute webbing sold by the yard. I did some research online and bought my jute webbing at Online Fabrics I purchased about 20 yards of it, as I knew I wanted to create several projects. This jute webbing cost me only .85 cents a yard! Its not only cheap but strong and makes cool projects!I also purchased some webbing in black at the same time, but to tell you the truth what they are calling black looks navy to me now that I have it. And the red isn't a true red, it is more of a coral/salmon red. I didn't care about the color difference because this jute has great texture and a vintage charm that is awesome.Don't mistake jute webbing for a burlap style ribbon. This jute webbing is much stiffer and tougher than ribbon. This past Christmas I purchased some ribbon from Pottery Barn that looks almost identical to this jute webbing, but that ribbon is totally different in texture and

Time: 30 Minutes Cost: $7.00 Difficulty: Easy

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