For the Garden 08.13.13

Saving Money at Home Depot

A big part of DIY is saving money so I'm sure you all take advantage of #coupons and #discounts just like I do. At the link you'll find a list of the current #Home_Depot promotions and info about the HD gardening club, military discounts, and other ways to save a few bucks next time you visit Big Orange. Lots of other people have found it helpful, and I hope you do too.

To see more: http://www.oneprojectcloser.com/home-depot-10-off-coupon/

2553 on Feb 14, 2013
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  • Becky Blair, NE
    We love Home Depot. Always helpful and the 10% military discount is a bonus.
  • Pat aka Queen of Thrift Scottsboro, AL
    We also love Home Depot, Becky. We have one nearby and we shop there often. I really like their garden center. I am anxious to see the spring plants arriving.
  • Becky Blair, NE
    We have quite a few in Omaha, Pat. The two closest are about twenty minutes away. I always enjoy when they start getting their spring plants too. Although with this snow we're having today it's
  • Pat aka Queen of Thrift Scottsboro, AL
    You will not believe this! Today it was almost 60 degrees here and by tomorrow afternoon we are predicted to have snow flurries. Saturday's high will be in the thirties! The weather has been this way for weeks....wearing short sleeves and being outside
  • Becky Blair, NE
    It's been back and forth like that here too. Very odd winter. I'm not complaining other than we really could use more snow/moisture.
  • Ethan@OPC Catonsville, MD
    Becky Pat aka Queen of Thrift We've had several days getting up to almost 70's and then right back down to 20's. It's crazy!
  • Becky Blair, NE
    I guess it's happening all over this winter Ethan.
  • Pat aka Queen of Thrift Scottsboro, AL
    Ethan, it IS crazy!! The last two years we have had early spring (February), and I don't really know what to call our weather now.....except crazy!
  • Jeanette S Atlanta, GA
    Hi Home Depot! We have always believed that we lived in a great community, but when a HD was built across the busy roadway about a mile from us, Hubby just knew God had sent us a special blessing! Now, I don't think I could get him to move away from his
  • Marcia Reichert Horn Lake, MS
    Even if the weather is being unreliable, you can still "get dirty" by starting your seeds indoors. It's also a good time to plant your cold crops, lettuces, broch, cauli......and so on. BTW I'm in zone 6/7 and work in the garden dept. at THD. Happy planting!
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