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Hometalk is the best place to find awesome DIY ideas for improving your home and garden. Millions of homeowners, bloggers and professionals use Hometalk to share their experience, tips and projects to inspire, spark ideas and help each other make informed decisions.

What can I do on Hometalk?

  • Search

    If you're looking for ideas for a specific project, solution or room in your house, use the Hometalk search. By simply typing a term or question in the search box, you'll be presented with useful ideas and creative hacks from your fellow Hometalkers.

  • Ask Questions

    Ask for help or advice about your home or garden and get answers from the friendly and knowledgeable members of the Hometalk community, some of whom are experienced professionals.

  • Get Inspired

    On your Hometalk feed you can browse through a stream of creative DIY projects and innovative ideas, posted daily in the topics that you follow, from the most talented people on the planet.

  • Save to Boards

    With all the helpful tips, tricks and ideas, you'll need a place to keep all the information you've found. Use the save button to save posts, questions and photos onto boards of your choice. You may create as many boards as you'd like to stay organized!

  • Post Your Projects

    Got a project or idea you're proud of? Share your creativity and hard work with the Hometalk community and inspire millions to better their homes as well.

  • There's So Much More!

    Hometalk is the only word you need to remember when you are looking to improve or maintain your home and garden. With hundreds of new projects, questions and tips being posted daily by people like you, you are sure to find the most up to date and trusted information and advice that will be relevant in your life. So what are you waiting for? Get started on Hometalk »

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