• With a dynamic, engaged community of millions of users, Hometalk has become the world’s leading DIY home & garden community. Homeowners, bloggers and professionals use Hometalk to share their DIY projects, ask questions and become inspired - all in consonance with Hometalk’s mission of enabling people to improve their living spaces through DIY.

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    We have 1.8 million registered members, 6 million monthly unique visitors, and 58 million pageviews per month.

    Data Snapshot
  • Hometalkers

    Our demographic is mostly comprised of women (95%), who are 35+ (94%), and live in the USA (85%). In addition, our members have already submitted 98,000 DIY tutorials and over 1 million comments on posts.

  • Media

    Because we have become an authoritative figure in the DIY home & garden industry, we are regularly featured across various media outlets.

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