Frequently Asked Questions


What is Hometalk?

What can I do on Hometalk?

Who uses Hometalk?

Asking & Sharing on Hometalk

How do I ask a question?

How do I post photos or videos?

How do I change the order of my photos?

Can I add captions to my photos/videos?

Can I edit or delete my post?

Am I required to include "Additional Information" on my post?

Browsing on Hometalk

What is the feed showing me?

How do I browse other content?

How do I find questions?

How do I view posts about something specific?

How do I access Hometalk from my mobile device?


What are Topics?

How do I view posts in a specific topic?

How do I follow Topics?

Searching on Hometalk

How do I search on Hometalk?

How do I find a pro in my area?

How do I find a specific Blogger?

Saving and Boards

What does Save mean?

How does saving work?

How do I find things once they’re saved?

How do I edit or delete my Saved Items or Boards?

How do I move Clips from one Board to another?


What is Following?

What can I follow?

How do I follow?

How do I see content from things I follow?

How do I change my default feed?

How do I see who’s following me?

How do I manage what I’m following?

Account Settings

How do I edit my account information?

How do I upload/change my profile picture?

How do I change my email notification settings?


What does Hometalk do with my personal information?

Finding Professionals on Hometalk

How do I find a pro in my area?

How do I request a quote from a contractor?


What is the most effective way to use Hometalk for my business?

How do users find my business?

How do I find members looking for advice in my industry?

How can users contact me privately for a quote?

What am I allowed to post?


Giveaway Terms & Rules

Search Feedback

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