For Students, College Life Is an Education in Homeownership

Because we know exactly what people want in their homes, we can tell you that it’s the same story with college dorms. Students are looking for all the same things in their temporary 4-year homes as any other newcomer. They want comfortable housing, a good community vibe — all the right homey touches. Which is why, for student, looking for the perfect dorm is the perfect practice for finding the ideal home.

How to DIY the Top 7 Gifts Your Friends and Family Secretly Want!

We took an internet-wide poll to see what people are looking to receive this Christmas, and we're not only sharing the results, we're saving you from shopping! This is the countdown of the most sought-after gifts this season! Whether your giftee is your green-thumbed mom, your doting Grandmother, or your sweet-toothed spouse, we've got the most popular items in each category, and great ideas from Hometalkers on how to make them and gift them!