About Dara Byers


♥ I am a storyteller . Im a mommy . I am a wife . Im indecisive . Im loyal . Im blunt . Im shy but yet i can talk too much . I love words . I love coffee . Im a home diva . I love organization . I love candles . Im crafty . I read . I sing . I write . I wear pajamas more than real clothes . My hairs always up and a mess . I love my family . I love my friends . I love handbags and jeans . I hate being late . I hate whining . I hate change but can accept it well . Ive yearned for years to capture the beauty i see thru my lens . Ive been seriously persuing photography since 2005 . I learn more and more everyday and love every second of it . God has given me many talents and this talent i will shine . I hope one day to use my gift to glorify the Almighty God above . For then , i am a storyteller to my son and also my camera is my pen ... the image is my ink . Forever perserving moments for my family and yours .

Favorite area of home improvement:

I love all aspects ♥

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