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About Deborah


Raleigh NC has always been my home - even as I was growing up with my Dad in the Navy and moving arond the southeast every 2-3 years. I moved back to plant MY roots almost 20 years ago. I had a beautiful townhome that I sold Last October for health reasons and moved to Zebulon where my mother grew up, her brother worked at the Zebulon Drug Co. for 62 years and his daughter (we call each other The Twisted Sisters) lives. I bought a cute little Cape cod house on a quiet street downtown and just love it. I'll love it more when I have the 18 Sweetgum trees taken down at the end of summer!

Favorite area of home improvement:

Making the inside of my home a warm, inviting place for friends and family to visit; and gardening - anything that blooms. I have mostly roses, gardenias, peonies and peremials. It's doing pretty good for Season 1.

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