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About Old World Garden Farms


I have always thought the little tab on our blog entitled "how it all started" says it best: We're far from "hippies" – we don't aspire to live off the "grid", and in spite of our children and friends constant ribbing – we don't wish to make our clothes from hemp. We're actually pretty regular run of the mill people who have become committed to a more simple approach to life and want to be responsible for a majority of the food we eat and help conserve the resources we consume - and to make and build as many things as we can for ourselves. We want to show that re-use and recycle can still be pleasing to eyes. We both came from great families who gardened, and both have fond childhood memories of working alongside our parents in the garden and kitchen. We remember homegrown meals, and great winter dishes made from the food we grew and canned in the summer. We both loved it, and strive to once again create a household that embraces those values responsibly. Simply put – to do things the best way possible for us and the land. Nothing more – and nothing less. Oh...and have a whole lot of fun doing it! :) - Jim and Mary

Favorite area of home improvement:

Gardening - Landscaping - Building - DIY

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