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About Ashley Meyer - Design Build Love


Ashley Meyer, an expert professional organizer and business consultant, is the founder and owner of Ashley Meyer Consulting, a Sacramento-based consulting firm specializing in organization and efficiency. Ashley has had a lifelong passion for organization, efficiency, and creating truly effective systems and procedures. This passion is so apparent and her assistance to family and friends is so frequent that people have began to use the common refrain “everyone needs an ‘Ashley’ in their life.” As an avid DIY enthusiast, Ashley will not only make recommendations, but she has spent countless hours developing tried and true methods for organization, efficiency, and process, which are then customized and tailored for each client’s needs. Giving back to others always leaves Ashley feeling a great sense of purpose and fulfillment. Initially, planning to pursue a traditional legal career, Ashley earned her law degree. Now, she’s taking her legal training, event-planning experience, upbringing in family-owned businesses, and personal background to bring you an all-in-one approach to streamline your home, life, and business. Her passion for making a difference, her positive and logical outlook, and proven knack for developing manageable approaches to challenges will give you the tools you need to succeed! Aside from consulting, Ashley enjoys spending time with her husband Eric (they are eagerly awaiting the arrival of their first child), visiting with family and friends, adventuring in the great outdoors, hiking, cycling, and running her affordable lifestyle and DIY inspiration blog, Design Build Love.

Favorite area of home improvement:

Favorite DIY's are organizing, building, and painting! But I'm known to throw in a few life, travel, & decor-related projects here and there... only a few! ;)

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