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About Cutting Edge Stencils

Company Overview

||Mission|| We at Cutting Edge Stencils strive to produce the best stencils available today to give you, the DIY-er, the Cutting Edge. In our opinion, good design should be affordable and available to everyone! ||Company Overview|| Cutting Edge Stencils brings you the coolest trendiest stencils for home decor! It is the offspring of our professional decorative painting company, Spec Fin Designs. After many years of professional faux finishing in the NYC Metropolitan area, we started a stencil company and now create beautiful easy-to-use stencils for DIY decorators and professionals. ||Description|| Cutting Edge Stencils is a New Jersey based company that creates and manufactures sturdy reusable wall stencils for home decor. All of our stencils are made of 12 mil clear plastic. Our stencils are reusable and easy to work with and clean. ||General Information|| Our reusable wall stencils are created by professional faux finishers Greg Swisher and Janna Makaeva, with over 20 years of faux painting and stenciling experience. We love to share our passion and expertise in wall decorating with you. Stencils are so easy to use, very cost effective and are in so many ways better than wallpaper. Stencils are great for furniture, floors, fabric and rugs!

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