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About Pam Perkins Zirbel


I have been married to my actual male best friend for over 16 yrs!!! He is my rock and puts up with all my junkin sprees and even looks forward to them!! He jumps in dumpsters for me and all!!! Love him!! We have 11 rescue gorgeous CATS and 2 rescue doggies!! I am the hyper personality one and he is reserved!! Trying to get him to loosen up!! Good luck with THAT!!! LOL

Favorite area of home improvement:

I love to paper craft!! I am a professional card maker and have always loved Vintage Shabby Chic stuff!! My new obsession has been junkin and repainting cruddy furniture or frames...mirrors...whatever! Then hopefully get to sell them!!! You all rock on Hometalk!! Your inspirations are freakn endless!!! Thank you for being here!!!

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