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About ReCreate Design Co.


I'm just a girl from Kansas, living with a man's name, and transplanted to Sweden over a decade ago (yes, I married a Viking). I once shook hands with Margaret Thatcher, lunged toward Sam Harris after a show before composing myself enough to get his autograph, and had an entire conversation in German with an elderly gentleman on a train through Switzerland. I don't speak German. reCreate Design Co. started as a blogging outlet to share the joy of reused and repurposed interior design and decor before I imploded. Now with my good friend and partner in crime, Michaela, we've turned that blog into a social enterprise business and we aim to be one of Sweden's premier resources for all things reused and repurposed. I go by the nickname of Mike, and she goes by Micki. Together, we're two no-nonsense chics that love working with power tools and building things out of the junk that everyone else wants to throw away. And we love teaching others how to do the same!

Favorite area of home improvement:

All things recycled, repurposed, upcycled, and reloved!

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