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About Yamini LEED AP at Urbanmotifs

Company Overview

I am an architectural designer, an accidental writer, a weekend artist, set designer, thrift shop stroller and big fan of winged back chairs and succulents in colorful containers. I love finding treasures in cobbled stone downtowns and quaint little shops that have history tucked away on dusty shelves. DIY is a dream closer now with Hometalk at my fingertips. I have been in the architecture and construction industry for a long time, from tilt-up concrete wall for LEED certified distribution centers to community development for a project in Haiti, I have always enjoyed the interaction between building, cities and spaces between them. As someone who loves design, I love solving spatial problems, coordinating colors, finding deals, reviewing market trends and keeping everyone happy. I love what I do and I am here to share my adventures and challenges as a designer in the form of project pictures and renderings of my designs during various phases of the project. I would love to help and share my knowledge to this community. When I am not working on homes I update my blog www.greenurbanmotifs.wordpress.com, look for inexpensive ways to improving my home and photographing my 2 girls. .

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