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About 3popps


I have been working on all kinds of energy-efficiency, landscaping and aesthetic projects since I bought my first home two years ago. Before I bought this house, I spent several months rebuilding homes destroyed by Hurricane Katrina. It was an all-volunteer organization, and we all learned to do a little bit of everything. I have all the skills to rebuild a house that is stripped down to the studs (if I have a bunch of extra hands) - and I can probably recommend the least expensive, least complicated way to do it. We were getting people back in their homes for about $10,000 with (mostly) unskilled volunteer labor. Now I own a small 50-year-old ranch home in northern Colorado. I love the location, the big picture window and the funky stone fireplace. I also love small energy bills. I am constantly trying to find ways to save energy around my home.

Favorite area of home improvement:

Energy- and water-efficiency improvements. I have weatherized, added insulation, Xeriscaped the garden, installed low-flow toilets and showers, and I am always looking to do more.

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