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About Peace Painting Co., Inc.

Company Overview

During high school and college years I painted summers. My whole life I never wanted an office job and what did I do, but go into marketing and get an office job where I was miserable. But it didn't last long. After high school, the best thing for me to have done would have been to go into the military or at least take a gap year, but I would have never done that. Instead, I went back to painting and never looked back. Anyway, now I love my job. I believe we are more of a complete human being if we can do something with our hands and can help so many people. Besides, you can tell what you've done and know you are progressing. I wish the trades were more esteemed here as they are in other parts of the world. Perhaps this will change in time, who knows. In the meantime, as my beautiful wife Lili of 20+ years reminds me, 'Keep up the good work, because your work in the Lord is never in vain' ! Best, Charles Peace

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