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About Jacque


I guess I've been a DIY'er for most of my life...I can't recall ever wanting to throw stuff out because I usually find ways to use things in the most odd places. I've made window boxes with the wood from an old bed frame & my husbands battered tshirts (and a few other items including old pillow stuffing). I usually have a project going while I'm thinking of 10 more!! Amirite?! All on a budget since I've been disabled since age of 35 with an auto-immune disease. I find myself to be so fortunate to have been able to raise my own 2 kids with a loving husband. My husband says there is not a blank wall in our home, yet he's always happy to help cut wood there or install something here. Hmm what shall I do next?! I love Hometalk for all the ideas!!! I need to post more of mine here in the future. Bye!

Favorite area of home improvement:

Recycled/upcycled items as art or decor, storage ideas, chalk painting, dollar store ideas, camping trailer decor, interior decor, remodeling on a frugal budget, holiday decor, all diy projects!

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