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About Nadine Hartman Bourne


So many crafty ideas in my head, so many Pinterest pages. Maybe if I start a blog I might stop crocheting long enough to do other stuff. Oh sure I have done other things, I've made jewelery and soap. I cross stitch and sew and knit. I've made Christmas cards, I own a Cricut and Sizzix. I have 4 sewing machines and at least one works. My granddaughter knows grandma can make anything. She wanted an Olaf so I crocheted her one. She got a ferret a few weeks ago and needed a hammock and a hidey hole for it, so I dragged out the sewing machine and whipped those out. I made my aunt a bunch of Doctor Who dolls and needed doll stands. Have you any idea of how much those cost?? So I made some. I get that from my grandmothers. They could look at clothes in a store and go home and make them. Now while I don't make my own clothes. I do see things in the store and think Oh I like that and look at the tag... Oh no I don't like that, THAT much. HA!. I remember years ago seeing an ornament for sale on a tree. It was called Santa's belly and was $9.99. All it was, was a red ball with a black ribbon around the fattest part and a tiny belt buckle. For $5.99 I could buy a dozen red balls and 99 cents would get me a spool of black ribbon, and I was sure in my scrapbook stash I would find something that would suffice for a buckle. I made a few and gave away some as Christmas presents. That's how I roll. Share the love. I recently had a friend tell me she was a bad friend because I make her stuff and she doesn't make stuff. No honey you aren't a bad friend. I just can't sit still so, I make stuff. I see something that I am sure would be perfect for someone and I make it and send it off. I have sent stuff to a friend who lives 3 miles away just so they can be surprised. I love to hear you just made my day!. I had no idea a cousin was going through a crisis but I knew she loved elephants and bright colored things. I sent her an afghan and the cutest crocheted elephant with a dangling heart. I sent her a note Thinking of you. I later found out her mother was ill. Sometimes it really is just the thought that counts. So I hope to inspire and share the love. I am really bad at keeping a journal so I hope to do better at sharing the things I make.

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