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About Sheryll S


I am 5'7" tall, dark blonde hair, blue eyes, 118 lbs. Active, intelligent, adventurous, energetic, inventive, confident, enthusiastic, sharp, fiery, warm, passionate and expressive. Love thunder storms, getting caught in the rain. I have three rescued grown up pups and two of them had babies and I am the proud grandma of two adorable fur baby boys. One MIA Rufus, who is the love of my life, my little soul mate and three kitty kats &amp; two kitty kat babies. I also love, fish, birds, chameleons, thunder storms, even Rufus (MIA) loves storms, clouds, balloons, body surfing, riding waves, surf fishing, just being silly splashing at the beach, collecting shells, boating, gardening with someone, sightseeing, patio dining, wine tasting (prefer blood red, but white with crab legs), pork roasts, lobster, steak, St. Augustine, classic movies, blues, Baroque, some jazz (adore all of Billie Holiday), classic rock n roll, salsa &amp; much more.

Favorite area of home improvement:

My house and yard in general. I have a lot to do to both still.

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