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About Sharron W


I Love to repurpose! I love picking up stuff off the curb and giving it new life...if I don't have a project already, then I'll scout the goodwill store to find one...I like all areas of home improvement and can handle the powertools to do almost anything...except I don't have a table saw so that long precision cuts are sometimes difficult...and I've never had the opportunity to use a router so even though we own one...I don't know how to use it...LOL Still I've done some big projects and some small ones, usually I find that if I were going to do the project a second time, I'd make some changes...LOL

Favorite area of home improvement:

I've had some really great success, found an old Lane cedar chest Gouged up and scarred, both back legs broken off in a jagged mess. Sanded stained, varnished and of course carefully rebuilt the legs matching the original pattern and reinforced with metal all thread up into the remainder of the original leg. Checked with Lane and the SN identified it as a 1942 model so I was thrilled. Now I'm working on a Tiger Striped Maple chest I found on the side of the road...again, the back leg is broken and the drawer slides need repair...but Everydrawer has a lock and I beleive it is from the federal period based on the hardware although I am far from an expert in identification! I just like to give them new life...

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