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About Nancy S


just a nutt, learning about everything. We are not losing, we are all winning in everything. I chose to be more positive, try to understand, love more frequent, & enjoy just a little bit better at everything I do.

Favorite area of home improvement:

favorite area of home improvement is the entire home is always changing. IT changes daily, it changes secretly. Walk thru the house and there is a mess, walk back thru the house and it's all cleaned up. There is no magic in how it gets done. Just do as it is necessary, when it's necessary, and necessary at all times.I make no sense most of the time.That is why I try so hard to do the best in all that I do.. I can never get anything done when someone is looking at me and if you stand behind me, I wil lnever get anything done. That's it. That's all !! That's enough. I'm just me/Nancy

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