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About Lorraine F


I love to do projects around my home! My husband is a talented guy and spending 44 yrs with him has made me pretty comfortable around power tools and tall ladders! We built this house ourselves with only a few subcontractors. I sew, cook, paint, install tile, lay brick, knit and blog! Guess that's why the name Miss Flibbertigibbet fits so well...I'm definitely "a little bit of this, a little bit of that". But it all encompasses my love for decorating and making beautiful spaces....even without much money! I hope you enjoy seeing my projects and would love to have you visit me at www.missflibbertigibbet.com

Favorite area of home improvement:

I think I love transforming spaces most of all. So I especially love designing custom pieces for a room. Just decorating a room is fine but I always think adding some architectural detail makes the biggest difference...moldings, built in pieces, bookcases, window seats, pillars....I could go on forever!

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