Empty Nester, Southern transplant to Las Vegas, with my children and grandchildren still in SC. I own a building company and am currently working as a Project Manager for two General Contractors. I'm also performing site evaluation and due diligence work for banks on their foreclosed commercial and residential development properties, and estimating for completion of their projects. My latest projects includes a $5M Green Technology Shrimp Farm in Las Vegas and many Tenant Improvements in CA, AZ, NM, MN, IN and NV. I am hoping the economy improves so that I can get back to residential construction, which is my true calling.

Favorite area of home improvement:

We are remodeling our entire house, slowing changing it from a bad 1980's typical Vegas Tuscan into a cool, contemporary, slightly mid-century home that we love. Managing others doing construction work is so much easier than DIY, but not nearly as satisfying. Love the decorating side of home improvement. Everything has to be a bargain, and we spend countless hours searching for high-end, low-price materials. My husband is better at "doing" than I am, although he's not in the industry. He just doesn't listen to me as well as my field crews. I love repurposing projects and paint a little, and spend what little spare time I have doing that.