Asked on Feb 16, 2013

This happened... ONCE! Any advice?

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Oh, I am dreaming... dreaming and hoping that my wisteria will bloom this year... It happened once and this is the only picture I have.
Any tips heading into the growing season from you experts to ensure it blooms?
(The link is to the post that this photo is on but just so you know , that post is actually about how we built our home around a salvaged door.)
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The one year it bloomed...
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  • Barb Rosen
    on Feb 16, 2013

    My experience with wisteria was like the old saying on vines "First year it sleeps, second year it creeps, third year it leaps" Not sure how old yours is, but make sure to keep it in check as it "leaps" or it will eat your house ! I just gave mine a little compost each year and that did the trick, Cynthia.

  • Thanks Barb, This will be its fourth spring... it bloomed the second year and nothing last year.

  • Douglas Hunt
    on Feb 16, 2013

    Cynthia, wisteria can try your patience until it gets old enough to bloom regularly. One thing to make certain of is that it does not dry out in August-September when the flower buds for next year are being set. Here are some additional considerations from Georgia Gardener and Hometalk member Walter Reeves:

  • Barb Rosen
    on Feb 16, 2013

    My wisteria was fairly deeply mulched too. Cynthia, I just posted some wisteria shots you might enjoy as you wait for yours to take off.

  • Christine G
    on Feb 16, 2013

    I bought and planted a wisteria 2 years ago and made sure that the one I bought had flowers on it. Planted in full sun (S-SW). Last year, which was its first year in its new spot it flowered!!! Amazing!!And the smell is like baby powder!! I have to thank the early arrival of spring in my latitude last year (Canada). My sister-in-law had one in a huge planter pot for 5 years and it never flowered so I read more about it and found out that she was fertilizing too much which made it produce a lot of leaves instead of flowers. Wisteria like dry, well-drained soil on the sandy-acid side. And of course lot of sun.Good luck! xxx

  • Thank you Douglas, I found the article very helpful!

  • Valerie G
    on Feb 16, 2013

    just google "how to prune a wisteria vine" - lots of websites with videos

  • Sheryl Johnson
    on Nov 17, 2013

    My vine took ELEVEN YEARS to bloom! The original idea was to train the wisteria to wrap my front porch...and it was doing that beautifully..just not with blossoms. So for years it was prune, prune, prune! I supported the trunk with a stablizing post for about 9 years (until the trunk could stand alone). All the while I loosely braided vines here and there to encourage a stronger frame. I made sure to keep the vines pruned away from my house, holding the wisteria NEAR it using strong rubber bungee cords hooked to nails on the porch soffit. One particularly wet spring I had an unusual number of sucker vines come up around the trunk. Rather than busting my back pulling every one as I normally did, I took a small sharp spade and cut them out, effectively root pruning the entire wisteria. I was totally blown away when I found flower buds setting that fall. I couldn't wait for was almost like being pregnant, expecting an early spring arrival!! And arrive they finally did. That wisteria bloomed so heavily! For weeks I enjoyed my morning coffee on the porch within my heavenly-scented flowery cocoon. I placed tiny wind chimes into the vines where they tinkled so magically. And was rewarded hugely when a pair of cardinals set up house in the dense foliage. That was 10 years ago. I root prune every two years. She blooms gloriously every year around the entire span of my 25' x 8' porch.

  • G
    on Feb 2, 2016

    Check your soil and plant zone. Info Fosterginger at Pinterest. I have a complete section on Wisteria . It's grown in Japan . I think it's your location.

  • Renee Porter
    on Feb 6, 2016

    I must be one of the few people who makes this plant grow by trying to kill it. I have an acre of land and it's on all the fencing surrounding my house (along with honeysuckle) as well as attacking my circular porch (Queen Ann style house). It does have beautiful blooms, but I really don't want it under my porch or near my house's foundation.

  • Chi6855957
    on Jun 13, 2016

    I saw public gardeners in Vichy France and they told me to prune it all the way back to the main branch or trunk. It will keep it controlled and push for blom producing new growth. Mine flowers every year and I live in Montreal Quebec Canada zone 3 or 4. I have two of them and love them. You just have to TAME the beast.....

  • GoddessOdd
    on Jul 20, 2016

    Have you seen the other post on this site showing the wisteria vine in a courtyard in Italy? This can be a horribly invasive plant, with a destructive root system, and it's planted very close to your house... might want to check out the photos.

  • Loretta
    on Jul 21, 2016

    If you do like Chimimi says and prune it all the way back to the main trunk, it won't be a problem .

  • Terra Gazelle
    on Sep 4, 2016

    Do not prune it until right after it blooms..the Wisteria only grows on new growth...last year my husband pruned it before it was set to bloom..I got almost no blooms this year. Here is a picture of it two years ago,,,I have had this planted for 19 years..I made the mistake of planing it by the porch and twice a year we have to trim it off the porch. This year in the early fall I will be cutting it way back around the main trunk. The scent is amazing.

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