15 Reasons to Drop Everything and Buy Inexpensive Tile

The next time you spot some sample tiles, you won't be able to help yourself from grabbing a stack!

By Hometalk Highlights

Create an Interesting Floor Transition

Create interest underfoot, with a seamless tile transition between the floors of each room.

Tile along the edge of giant bathroom mirrors

Make builder grade mirrors gleam from your walls by framing them with colorful tile.

Cut up a sheet of tiny tiles, add some design

Cut up a sheet of tiny tiles, add some designs, and turn them into decorative thumbtacks.

Create a Set of Patterned Coasters

Looking for cute coasters? Get them for a couple cents a piece by decorating some tiles.

Make a gorgeous mosaic mirror

Tile an intricate, glossy design all around a boring mirror.

Make Your Own Stamped Backsplash

A backsplash made from square, white tiles might not be spectacular, but add a pattern and voila!

Use a Single Tile as a Tray

One large tile is all it takes to create a designer style tray on a shoestring budget.

Cover a Small Tabletop

Use inexpensive samples, or even leftover tiles, to give life to a small, boring table.

Add a stunning accent to your kitchen island

Make a boring kitchen island look like a custom made stunner, by adding a mosaic wall.

Cut them up for a super luxe backsplash

Take large, cheap tiles and cut them up into delicate rectangles that you can mix and match.

Make Some Pretty Trivets

Use vinyl letters and pictures to turn large white tiles into pretty custom made trivets.

Brighten a dark fireplace

Add tile to the area all around your fireplace to turn it from dark & outdated to chic.

Decorate a beautiful patio table

Design a stylish patio table from leftover tiles and tile shards.

Make your backsplash pop with color

Using sheets or a fun mix of glass tiles, brighten the kitchen with a tiled backsplash.