Tool sheds

What is the cheapest way to build a tool shed?
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  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Sep 17, 2015
    research home

  • Z Z on Sep 17, 2015
    Depends on how large of a shed you want, if you already have a concrete slab or will need a floor to. It would help to know your general budget. I've seen sheds built totally from pallets. If they were found for free that could cut your budget significantly.

  • Jonnie Hammon Jonnie Hammon on Sep 18, 2015
    Depends greatly on your skill level. Not really skilled, a kit, is the answer. Skilled, get a blueprint, and build with salvaged, and reclaimed lumber. Really skilled, draw up the plans yourself, and use salvaged, or reclaimed lumber.

  • Greg Edwards Greg Edwards on Sep 18, 2015
    The "cheapest" way is to find one that someone no longer wants and offer to move it off their property for them. You would be amazed how many people would like an old one moved. After that, pallets and posts if weather is not an issue. Size is also going to come into play. If you are in a rural area, and appearance is not a huge issue, build it onto the side of your house or the back if you don't want it seen from the front. only having to build 3 walls and a hip roof reduces costs greatly. But the cheapest I have seen is to find someone that's tired of having one or wants a new one and offer to have it moved.

  • Alfr1 Alfr1 on Sep 18, 2015
    Greg has the cheapest, some people on my street were moving away and they gave me their shed for free, even helped me move it. Check your local newspaper or put an advertisement into it under, In Search Of, or Wanted. Jonnie is correct, also, if you want to build. Fastest way would be to buy off a pre-built display lot, who might build it on your property or haul a pre-made to you. Having a shed builder specially design and build one for you is the most expensive.