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From Throwaway Couch to Comfy New One

Don't throw away furniture repurpose and be surprised.
This couch was peeling faux leather quicker than a one arm fiddle player with flees. What to do?? Throw it away? Fill up the landfill? No money for a new one.
Asked on home talk for suggestions and found someone who could reasonably make new pillow covers and a few new pillows to coordinate. Material was 70%off and 3 for 1. So in total it was very reasonable here in Canada to do this whole job under $430. A new couch would we well over $2000. So happy with the results and I will enjoy it more because it's cozier in the basement. So happy I didn't have to throw away.

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  • Jean Myles
    Jean Myles
    on Sep 19, 2015

    Great solution Looks great. I am also from Canada [Ontario] where did you get the fabric ? I cant seem to find any deals on fabric and I need 12 yds to do my couch >

  • Achendry
    Achendry Canada
    on Sep 19, 2015

    I found the fabric at Fabricland. If you get a membership I think you get all fabric at 50% off. Always check out the discount area that's where I got the fabric for the cushions. Good luck.

  • Joline Cosman
    Joline Cosman Winooski, VT
    on Dec 6, 2015

    GREAT IDEA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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