My Newly Minted Curtains

Does anyone else suffer from decorating indecision?
I’m raising my hand high on this one, even waving it around a little.
Sometimes I have the hardest time finally deciding to take the plunge and actually commit when I am buying decorating items. I think the top three things I have the hardest time committing to in decorating is:
That is, until I was perusing minted and saw the watercolor blends by katherine roberts fabric, and I knew it was the perfect fit for curtains in my studio.
I loved the pattern and colors. It tied in navy, which I am trying to be the cohesive factor in my apartment decorating, while also bringing in the other blues in the room. Perfect-o! I couldn’t believe that it was that easy for me to pick – with no regrets. I guess there is magic in the air.
When the fabric arrived I immediately went to town sewing curtains using this method.
Cut fabric and backing to size for curtains.
Pin together and sew all the way around, leaving one hole to be able to pull the curtain through.
Pull curtain through and hand sew curtain up.
Iron and hang!
Although hanging this round was a little different. I didn’t have a double window curtain rod and wasn’t thrilled with hanging a curtain rod in the apartment. Plus, I knew I would never close the curtains with the items in front of it.
I did have to take the extra step and sew little loops on the back of the curtains. I used extra ribbon and sewed them every 6 inches (my fabric was 54 inches). I then hung the command hooks 3 inches apart on the wall. Then you just hang the loops of the hooks and fluff out your curtains!
I used sarah m. dorsey’s method of clear command hooks (affiliate link) to hang the curtains. An $8 solution and easy to remove!
It’s as easy as that.
Now, how dramatic a difference do those curtains make in that room?!
I can’t tell you how often I just go stare at them in my studio. I find myself just hanging out in there more too, because it is so pretty. Also, don’t you think curtains just finish a room?
Now it’s time to start thinking about curtains (and a new duvet and artwork) for the bedroom to make that space look as pretty too!!
One final look at those little pretties!!

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Megan Aubrey

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  • Sharon O'Connor
    on Apr 6, 2017

    What are command hooks?
    • Megan Aubrey
      on Apr 6, 2017

      They are the plastic hooks that have sticky pads that you can adhere to the wall but pull off without harming your paint (hopefully).
    on Apr 6, 2017

    Great job...I love Command! But, I'd like to know where you got your round mirror with the little "burst" mirrors attached?
  • Tessa
    on Feb 10, 2018

    How did you actually hang the curtains on the hooks?
    • Megan Aubrey
      on Feb 12, 2018

      I sewed little loops made from ribbon on them and then hooked those on the hooks.

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  • Ilene
    7 days ago

    I love your project and it will work perectly in a place that is screaming for drapes but a regular rod can't be used. The C/H with the little loops on the fabric will solve the problem!

    In another project, in progress, taking the wood sliding doors off my apt. bedroom closet and replacing them with drapes. I have to open & close often. I used large, heavy duty white Command Hooks above my almost 6ft opening then placed a rod in them. Works perfectly to support my drapes.

  • Nancy K
    7 days ago

    This absolutely fantastic. Thanks for sharing. I live in an apartment that has floor to ceiling vertical blinds. They really are annoying to look at. I have been trying to find a way to soften the look of my windows and since the rail that holds the blinds is pretty strong, I thought I could hang some kind of curtain rod on it. Hammering nails in the ceiling and walls is out so I found brackets that hang on the blind rod. But it was going to cost over $200.00 just for the brackets. Adding the cost of the curtain polls and finials was way too much for me. So I am so glad you shared this wonderful idea. It’s sounds cheap AND easy. Also less work than other possibilities. I am going to definitely do this. By the way, I really love that fabric too. So inspiring. It may the room. Seeing your result makes me want to do this as soon as I can go to a fabric store again.

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