6 Tips for designing and installing a water garden or fish pond.

Are you considering adding a water garden or pond to your home? Are you ready to start enjoying the water gardening lifestyle? These tips will help you design and build a water garden whether you want to do it yourself or hire it out. Click here to learn more about ecosystem ponds: https://www.facebook.com/note.php?saved&&note_id=464917560212038
Tip # 1 Location: Locate your pond close to the house so that it can be enjoyed from both inside and outside the home.
Tip #2 use a pond kit: Aquascape offers a top of the line pond kit that includes all the components necessary to build your pond. Be sure to place your skimmer at the lowest point on one end and your waterfall spillway opposite end.
Tip #3 ecosystem: provide a balanced ecosystem for your pond with the addition of plants and fish. Aquatic plants will take the nutrients out of the water that algae compete for and the fish will fertilize the plants!
Tip #4 Add a stream and waterfall: A small shallow stream is perfect for birds to come and get a drink and take a bath. Be sure to angle the waterfall towards the viewing area.
Tip #5 Fish Cave: Create an area where the fish can go if they are frightened or stressed out.
Tip #6 Lighting: The addition of low voltage led lighting will extend your enjoyment time. They will turn on and off automatically and are very cost efficient to run.

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