Asked on Feb 19, 2013

Window choices

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Ok folks! I have opted for white wooden cabinets versus the thermofoil after much consideration. Thank you to all of you for the feedback. My next decision is windows. We want some special transoms for our front and our builder got us some quotes on a different brand of window than the original Anderson Windows that are in the contract to make up for the cost. As of right now we have some options with costs so my question is does anyone have information or experience about Mathews Brothers windows versus Anderson. We do not want issues with windows down the line and would love to know what anyone knows about this brand. Again we live in New Hampshire so good insulated and sealed windows is extremely important. I look forward to any advice you can give me.
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  • I saw this window manufacture at the JLC live show a few years ago, I did not see anything I did not think were bad about them. They have been around a long time and If I remember they manufacture in the north east. So they are building in the same climate that your doing your home renovation in. Just to understand, you have the Pella, and the Anderson brands, The reason why you hear about them is their marketing effort. Smaller companies such as the one your considering most likely make the same quality but choose to stay smaller and local and do not market them out of their area. I personally would not be all the worried seeing they have been around for some time. If they were a new manufacture, then I would search elsewhere then.

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