Question about working shutters.

We had to replace cedarwood shingles a couple years ago...we haven't replaced the shutters or window boxes yet, ( there used to be eyelids too).
Finally getting around to putting things in place.
I was thinking of making Board and Batten working shutters, but shutters that wide would look bad. Do they ever bifold them? And what about window boxes? Can't see how the two would be possible.
I'd rather have ornamental shutters and window boxes I think.
Another question, If I can ever afford awnings...originally I was thinking of dome shape, to counteract the flat roof, but then I saw some concave ones, and fell in love with them...I plan on black and white striped fabric, the shutters will be black like my front door...with all of that going on, shouldn't the window boxes be white? At first I was thinking black, but now idk...I plan on putting magenta Bougainville in the boxes...
Btw, my color choices are set, the only thing I might change if if I can convince my husband to make copper eyelids for the windows!
Thanks for your input.
q question about working shutters, curb appeal, Front if my house It s killing me how plain it is
Front if my house. It's killing me how plain it is!
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  • Z Z on Sep 27, 2015
    Yes, they do make bifold exterior shutters. I don't see why you couldn't add window boxes under the windows and still have working shutters. It's difficult to really answer the rest of your questions without seeing a full photo of the front of your home.
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    • Z Z on Sep 27, 2015
      @You're welcome Jeannette. I hope you find something that works for you.
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