15 Brilliant Ways to Use All of Your Coffee Leftovers

Coffee-lovers will adore these for National Coffee Day (and really every other day, too!)

By Hometalk Highlights

Smelly Hand Cleanser

Get rid of strong cooking smells, like garlic, with a quick scrub of used coffee grounds.

Fall Filter Wreath

It’s fall ya’ll, and what better way to party than with a gorgeous wreath made from filters!

Chic Container Storage

Those big red bins are the best way to store all your kitchen (office, bathroom, etc) stuff.

Flower Bed Booster

Toss your leftover grounds with your soil, to give acidic soil-loving plants a boost.

K-Cup Jack-o-Lanterns

Turn those leftover plastic cups into Halloween lights, perfect for stringing across your porch.

Coffee Creamer Organization

Ever notice how easy it is to pour from those creamer containers? Keep reusing them!

Natural Wood Stain

Add a rich tint to your raw wood projects, by making a solution using hot coffee grounds.

Gardener’s Trusty Soap

Get the dirt off your green thumbs, by scrubbing up with this gritty coffee ground soap.

Angel Wings Ornament

Christmas is coming sooner than you think - save this coffee filter angel wing ornament DIY!

Mason Jar Centerpiece

Make this bright table decoration, using coffee ground-filled mason jars and fresh flowers.

Garden Tiki Statues

Use those empty containers to brighten up your fall garden, by making colorful tiki towers.

Decorative Snowman Hats

With December just around the corner, save up your K-cups for a cute string of top hats.

Indoor and Outdoor Bug Repeller

Sprinkle some grounds around any spot you’ve seen ants, indoors or outdoors, and watch them disappear.

Mini Garden Cups

Start an indoor container garden with your kids, using painted K-cups as tiny planters.