How to Create a Floral Birthday Cake

30 Minutes

You have probably seen these floral cakes before, they are the perfect little gift for those who don't want to eat cake for their birthday. Perhaps you will be invited to a birthday party that asks you not to bring gifts, and you know there will be a cake there anyway. One of these little flower cakes is the perfect little gift.
how to create a floral birthday cake, crafts
Isn't this a sweet way to celebrate? No calories are guaranteed, and I made this whole thing for $14.00!
how to create a floral birthday cake, crafts
I began with two blocks of wet floral foam. I soaked them and set them out on an oversized ceramic platter. You might want to purchase an inexpensive disposable tray that you can give away with the cake with the platter without your recipient having to worry about returning it. I made this on my own platter so I am not including that in the $14.00 cost.
how to create a floral birthday cake, crafts
The next step is to find a round bowl or vase to use to help you cut your foam into a round form as a base for your cake.
how to create a floral birthday cake, crafts
Use a knife to cut around the bowl and peel away the excess foam.
how to create a floral birthday cake, crafts
Now begin to put in your flowers. I used pink and white carnations for the base, just like you would have trim around the base of your cake. Carnation stems are fairly stiff so you shouldn't have any trouble pushing those into the wet foam. You want to have very short stems so they don't need to go in a long way.
how to create a floral birthday cake, crafts
Next I added lavender daisy mums all the way around my cake. The mums have a less stiff stem, so be careful not to bend them when pushing the stems into the the foam. You will only want a stem about 1/2 to 1 inch long to push into the foam.
how to create a floral birthday cake, crafts
I used miniature pink carnations for the trim around the top edge of the cake and then filled in the top with more of the daisy mums. I finished off my cake with birthday candles and my cake was complete!
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  • Helen Ruggiero Luongo
    on Nov 15, 2017

    Did u use real flowers?
    • Yes, those are real fresh flowers which is why you want to use the wet kind of floral foam. Set the arrangement on a dish with a little bit of a lip so you can add a little bit of water to the bottom of the arrangement as needed. The floral foam will soak it up and deliver it to the blooms.

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