China cabinet made into a built-in living room wall (question)

I recently saw an upcycle project that turned a china cabinet into a living room built-in cabinet. I believe it was a 3 piece china cabinet with lower doors and upper shelves, and the middle piece was taller. But a straight top cabinet project would work too. I am looking for the instructions and the picture of the finished project in the living room. I thought I saved it but I can't find it. Has anyone seen it? Please post the link.
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  • Denise King Denise King on Oct 04, 2015
    I don't have the answer, but wanted to do the same thing so I wanted to be able to follow the question.
  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Oct 04, 2015
    The only info I found was Pinterest.
  • Anna Anna on Oct 04, 2015
    I do know that you have to extend the baseboard from the walls all the way around the cabinet.
  • Hope Williams Hope Williams on Oct 05, 2015
    It's called; Craigslist Ivory Bookshelf Makeover. Posted by Shana Gilbert. Wichita, Ks. On here.
  • JannG JannG on Oct 06, 2015
    I realized that after I posted the link. I was following Hope's suggestion, but it's not remotely a built-In. I know...I'm always amazed how some bloggers think the internet is their own private, insulated stage.
  • Andrea S Andrea S on Oct 07, 2015
    Thank you all for trying to find it for me. I asked my friend to send me a picture so I could post it for ideas, but she is busy with 3 little ones and they are also getting ready to move. We will attempt to pick it up tomorrow, and it will go on the top of the car, if we can lift it. The built in I saw had 3 pieces, with the middle one taller and I believe it had the arch. I think that can be removed. If not I can just use a saw. I honestly don't remember what her cabinet looks like, I never paid too much attention when I visited.
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    • Andrea S Andrea S on Oct 09, 2015
      I am going to cut the hutch off and add a board on the bottom so I can raise it. I will also add a board on the top of the cabinet to cover up the damage from the cut, if the damage is obvious. Then the rest of the space around it will be built out with shelving boards. I want this wall to be all shelves, I will add doors on the bottom to hide things that are not suitable for display. I will get rid of the glass shelves and replace them with wood board. I am not sure about the glass door. The 2 sides with the glass panes are not movable, they don't open. The middle is a door but it has an ugly gold pattern drawn around the edges. I am not sure if I want a glass cover on the shelves on this piece. I have seen china cabinets with doors left on turned into bookcases, kind of like a miniature library and look good with the door, but I think this one is too small for a mini library. I will use moulding to tie the whole thing together, baseboards, and I would like to add a librarian ladder that is attached to a railing on the top and rolls on wheels on the floor. The height of the ceiling can handle that.