How to arrange furniture in a long open room

I have open floor plan with a living room only 14' wide by maybe 24' before you run into the dining area. I have a corner fireplace and bough window. I also have a couch, love seat and 2 armless chairs and end tables, too much I know. Any suggestions will be appreciated as I have tried it all.
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  • Z Z on Oct 07, 2015
    Thought pictures of your room would greatly help you get more helpful ideas, I can say that when one has a long narrow room, it's best to separate it into two seating areas. This drawing shows a good example.

  • Janet Pizaro Janet Pizaro on Oct 07, 2015
    I would love to try this re-move but I need a pic to be able to visualize your room.

  • Sherry Fisher Sherry Fisher on Oct 07, 2015
    Rearranging furniture is my passion, but need a picture!

  • Rosalia Rosalia on Oct 08, 2015
    Ours is 12x 30. We made 4 separate spaces. We used an area rug at the front door to make an entry space, sectional couch, a small dinette table and a desk to define last two areas. So we also have lots of furniture, we just laid it out to create definition.

  • Debra Grieve Debra Grieve on Oct 08, 2015
    We need pictures or a sketch of your room layout. I also agree that you should split the room up into at least 2 seating areas. I cozy area in front of the fireplace, and maybe a larger area with the couch and love seat? If you give us a bit more to work with, I think someone will have a solution for your problem.

  • Shirley Kalinosky Shirley Kalinosky on Oct 08, 2015
    Ours is 13 x 24 and I have it with 6 windows and two doorways and a standing stove on a 6'fireplace wall in the middle of the long wall. I took the left side of the room and put two desks in; one in front of the window and one on the "back" wall near the one doorway. The other side, facing the front of the house is the other 13' wall with 2 windows and I have plants around the fireplace and one window and the sofa on under the two front windows and put the loveseat on the opposite site facing the sofa. The tv is on the middle section of the 'back' wall and can be seen from both furniture pieces. If I need more seating, I have the section between the 2 desks for chairs. You may have to lose some furniture to another room. The drawing that Becky made is similar to what I have described only I have 2 windows on each wall and the doorways are on the 'back' wall with one to the hall and one to the hall and front door.

  • Taffetal Taffetal on Oct 08, 2015
    I'd love to figure this out because, I too, have a long, narrow living area. Please send us a photo.

  • Amy Amy on Oct 08, 2015
    Depend on your numbers of your family...if you have a large family, try to make a couch and loveseat as a L-section, and add the chairs in the opposite side of L-section and add the big end table. Then you lose the coffee table or get different size one. Small family, either keep loveseat and two armless with coffee table and put a nice armoire as tv center or a nice desk in a nice way. Add greens or large objects to balance the looks. I have a farm house with the long hallways that share kitchen, dining room and living room. Odd size. Play around until you like it without break your toes. Good luck.

  • Renata Renata on Oct 08, 2015
    Make like a two room setting. Put ur couch in front of ur fireplace with end tables on each side for those cozy nights. then behind the couch put ur chairs with a table in between then the love seat in front of the two chairs.