Asked on Feb 23, 2013

Need Ideas for a CHEAP fence

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I have a 2 acre lot with a half circle driveway up front. Still planning on building a pole barn and garage, and somewhere in there putting an inground pool someday. I will want some privacy back around the pool when we get to it, but for now we are looking at adopting a dog and the rescue place requires a fenced in yard. Any ideas for an inexpensive fence, besides just buying a premade kit from Home Depot?
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  • 3po3
    on Feb 23, 2013

    If it's basically a temporary thing and you don't mind ugly (and assuming it contains your dog), you could go the work site route and use mesh fencing.

    q need ideas for a cheap fence, fences
  • Douglas Hunt
    on Feb 23, 2013

    I don't know if it would pass muster with the adoption agency, but you can't beat the price on this one:

  • Buy one roll of fencing (4" or smaller openings) to cover the length you need + a foot or two extra Buy 1 TBar for every 10' of fence you need - don't forget the starting post Buy a package of ties to connect it If you need a gate - buy a premade chain link one with two long poles - they can simply be driven into the ground Here we added the gate later & simply cut the fencing & tied it off around the posts Now some dogs do like to dig, so you might want to set your posts & using a spade shovel follow the line creating a trench to drop the fence in by about 3 inches or more & then repack it when it is done

    q need ideas for a cheap fence, fences, due to some extraordinary bad driving from some pigs that loved rubbing up against the fence gate we had to restrengthen ours in most cases that is not necessary
  • KMS Woodworks
    on Feb 23, 2013

    You cant beat T post and welded wired for quick and cheap. I ran some in my yard but tightened up the spacing of the post to about 8 feet or so. keep in mind some dog breeds can jump pretty high. our "original" fence was about 4 feet high and our husky mix would jump it with ease...I had to raise it to 6 feet.

  • What about a shock collar fence system? Properly installed these can contain almost all dogs. I know some will say they do not work, or they are inhumane, but getting run over by a car is worse and these systems work on all dogs if properly installed and sized for the pet using it. And quite honestly it only takes once or twice on most dogs to learn not to try to break the barrier. Also depending upon where you live will also determine the type, size and style of fence you can use. Not all towns or developments allow some types of fences. So be sure you check. If your thinking of a future pool, you also need to comply with fence types there, so do not spend lots of money on any fence until you know what you will eventually need or be required to have so you make the correct selection. No sense putting something in and having to tear it out in a few years to comply with new pool install. Lastly, because you will be putting fence posts into the ground, if there are homes on all sides of you, I strongly suggest that you get the yard marked out for underground utilities before you punch any holes for posts. It is free to do, and it can be costly if you do not.

  • Jeanette S
    on Feb 24, 2013

    Fencing is expensive so you might want to go ahead and put in "some" fencing now. Once you put in a pool, you will really want to separate it from the "dog yard" anyway so a little pre-planning on your layout should allow you to put in a wire type fence for the dog and then later add separate privacy fencing for a smaller area for the pool. If you have a choice, Lab is a great dog! Favorite of the world for the past 22 years! There is a reason! We have had our first lab ever for the past 5 years and she is a blessing! I always thought they were hunting dogs. So smart and loving and loyal! Not a threat, but will guard the place!

  • Stacy R
    on Mar 8, 2013

    Thanks, Steve, I'm not sure my dog won't dig underneath, My last dogs did that. Doug, I'm not sure if that will hold a dog in, it looks to me more like its for show. SLS Construction - been reading your suggestion, how much do you predict on cost for that idea? Woodbridge - I'm under the understanding that any wire can be used for that, just need the belts on the dogs, which is where the money runs into. Not sure now much, but from what I've heard it isn't cheap. Jeannette S, a small dog run for now close to the house so the dog can get outside to do basic necessecites is an idea, I'd love a lab, my kids are angling for a Pug, so we are not sure what we are doing, but thank you everyone for all the great ideas!!!

  • If your handy anybody can install a electrical fence. You can get them at most higher end pet stores for a few hundred dollars on the better ones. If you have it installed they say they train the dog, but its nothing more then making the dog walk into the fence area and get shocked. Placing small flags around give the dog an idea of their boundary. This type of fence is way cheaper then any other method of holding the dog in with a fence. Lot faster. Also this same system can be installed in the house. It keeps pets out of rooms where they are not wanted. In addition the better collars have a warning design where they vibrate to warn the dog that they are getting to close to the boundary before they get shocked. Even higher end units such as the one we have offers a hand held transmitter that can be used when running a dog in a field or wooded area. When you look at the cost vs the issues you would have with them running away or the costs of putting in a fence that will contain them, the electrical fence beats them hands down.

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