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Barn Loft Ladder Chandelier

I had been searching for something unique to hang my pots and pans from in my kitchen. I eventually found an old wooden ladder on craigslist that I thought would be perfect.
The seller said the ladder belonged to his grandfather and it had been cut down to a shorter size to be used as a barn loft ladder. I had mentioned before we met what I had planned to do with it. He was pretty intrigued that I was using it to hang my pots and pans from.
My next challenge would be to find an old rusty chain to hang my ladder with. I ended up creating a post on Facebook asking if anyone had an old chain they were willing to part with.
Fortunately, someone answered pretty quickly. A gentleman said he had an old, rusty tow chain. We worked out a price and met at a nearby public location.
I didn't realize that the chain had a coat of orange paint before I bought it. I cut the chain to size then boiled it in water and vinegar in an old pan on my grill to loosen the paint. I scrubbed and scraped for hours until most of the orange paint was gone.
After scrubbing down the ladder, I attached some heavy duty eye bolts to it. Unfortunately, I found that it would hang too low above my peninsula/bar so I decided to hang it above my kitchen table to use it as a chandelier.
I measured out the space above my table, then attached eye bolts to the ceiling to hang the chains from. I then attached the chains to the ladder.
It looked pretty neat hanging from the ceiling but it needed a little something more. I thought about hanging the mason jar lights I had previously installed but decided they would hang way too low.
So I decided to paint some mason jars to hang from it. I mixed up some craft paint to match the cabinets and put on a few coats.
I had been searching for a way to hang my painted mason jars from the ladder and had found a tutorial on creating a handle from wire. I was about to cut up some old, metal hangers to use for the handles when a friend text a picture of some handles made just for mason jars. She said they were on sale for just a few dollars at a nearby store.
A few days later, I picked up those handles and some mug hooks. The handles screwed right on to the jars, nice and easy. I screwed in the hooks, hung up my mason jars, and dropped in some tea lights. My ladder chandelier was nearly complete.
I picked up some pips from a flea markets and stapled them to the sides to complete the look.
I love my new chandelier!

Ask the creator about this project

  • Hannah V
    Hannah V Brooklyn, NY
    on Oct 12, 2015

    You are SO talented! I love this!!

  • Deborah Rose
    Deborah Rose Bowling Green, KY
    on Oct 16, 2015

    ditto !!!!!!!

  • Linda
    Linda Dade City, FL
    on Oct 16, 2015

    You need to show it lit up in evening too. Nice job

    • Issaac @ Practicing ImPerfection
      Issaac @ Practicing ImPerfection Yoder, IN
      on Oct 19, 2015

      I saw pictures of painted mason jars. I thought they were pretty neat and would look great hanging from my ladder chandelier. I did drop some tea lights in and I'll post a picture of it lit up if I ever remember to take one at night.

  • Pamela Kolberg
    Pamela Kolberg Bellevue, MI
    on Oct 16, 2015

    Love this! Just think of all the country holiday decorations you could add to this piece!

  • John Harris
    John Harris
    on Oct 16, 2015

    Very cool...One of my best selling items on my site is a teak ladder. since it is teak many of my customers use it for outdoors decorative ideas

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