8 Eerie Halloween Decorations Made From Unexpected Things

"The strongest kind of fear is fear of the unknown" H.P. Lovecraft

By Hometalk Highlights

Christmas Village from the Salvation Army...

These are not tough to find, but you don't usually see them on display, aside from Christmas. Until now.

...A Dark and Haunted Village

Turn a jolly little town into a dark and spooky you'd better hope is abandoned.

Last Year's Costumes...

Even when you haven't outgrown them yet, you usually leave those things in the closet for a few years before recycling.

...Marauding Scarecrows on the Loose

Unless, of course, you want to add a terrifying pirate fight to your front lawn.

A Pack of Faux Snow...

What?? You thought you had at least a month until this stuff made its appearance.

...A Creepy Crawly-Clad Wreath

Surprise! It looks too much like gauzy spider webbing to stay packed away all Halloween long.

Bits of Old Sweaters...

Instead of throwing them on the give-away pile, bring them to your craft table for a brand 'boo!' look.

...Pale Plush Pumpkins

That's right. From old clothing into a haunting black-bird filled display.

Ordinary Lamp Shades...

They serve a simple purpose, so what could a Halloween DIYer possibly want with them?

...A Batty Chandelier

Some sparkling washi tape and a few batty details shed a whole new light on this decor piece.

Leftover Tin Cans...

Nope, it's not an organizing idea, even though we do love those.

...Scary Skull Luminaries

Unless you're trying to organize a spooky display for your trick-or-treaters, that is.

Some Jute Ribbon...

So pretty and delicate right? Not when it comes to Halloween.

...A Rough and Rustic Pumpkin

It's still pretty, but a patch of these on your porch at night will still give spooks.