A Media Cabinet for an Arts and Crafts Style Living Room

The home is a comfortable blend of early California history and a lifetime of world travel. A corner of the great room had the "smart home" electronics in an otherwise arts and crafts style setting. The initial request was, "what can you do with this?"
The answer: to create a cabinet that would organize, screen and ventilate the media components and the waterfall of wiring that cascades behind the array. The cabinet also incorporates a favorite antique oriental chest and becomes a display platform for artifacts from the home's multicultural collection.
As I had furnished the interior finish woodwork, the fireplace mantel, the fireplace painting and the light soffit frieze paintings, the addition of the media cabinet completed the interior design of the room, a casual and eclectic art history book that is a good read.
Beech Media Cabinet with an Oriental Chest and Mackintosh Door Pulls
An Arts and Crafts Living Room
Beech Cabinet with Craftsman Detail
Variations for the door grid design and a consideration to finish in black lacquer.
The Media Cabinet Working Drawings
"What can you do with this?"
Proportioning the door grids in the studio
Finished before stain in the studio
During the initial idea phase for the cabinet, several variations are suggested. This design was shelved as the final design included the oriental chest. I do like this particular idea and will be making the piece for myself, a rarity.

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