I plan to retrofit cans or replace incandescent bulbs in my 25 recessed light fixtures throughout the house.

This is for two reasons: first, because of the cost of running incandescent and second, because of the air migration through non-airtight (and non-IC-rated) existing can fixtures. I'll be using LED bulbs. I've done some research and it seems that Cree EcoSmart LED downlight (dimmable) fixtures/bulbs are good and easy to use. I'd like professional (and other credible) opinions on whether or not this brand is reliable and worth the $40 per bulb/fixture, and also which to use--the GU24 base which replaces part of the existing unit, or the 575L bulb, which screws into existing bulb outlet--in order to best stop costly conditioned air migration into the attic. Both can be done DIY from inside the room (no need to go into attic) and would save me the cost of putting boxes around the housings in the attic because the lights don't heat up and therefore are not a fire hazard when in contact with insulation. Your thoughts?
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