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Bamboo Basket Mirror

When I spied this bamboo steamer basket I knew the perfect upcycle for it--a mirror! This project is quick and easy.
The bamboo basket provides the perfect backdrop to turn a plain, craft store mirror into something special.
Before of basket--I will use the lid for another mirror or a "wreath".
Use a two-part epoxy from the hardware store.
Use the glue on the "high points" of the basket where the mirror will touch the basket. I purchased the mirror for less than $5 at Michaels (use your coupon!).
When the glue is dry, your mirror is ready to hang.
The basket side provides a great little shelf for some shed horns I found. I am now keeping my eyes open for round baskets and other things like trays that will work as fun, unique, upcycled mirror "backdrops". Find MORE upcycled home decor projects on the blog, Beyond The Picket Fence.

To see more: http://bec4-beyondthepicketfence.blogspot.com/2015/10/round-basket-mirror.html

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