How To Make Your House Look Haunted

Having a Halloween party or just want to add some spookiness to your house? Here are some tips on how to make your house look haunted.
Lighting is really important...uplighting a scene tends to look spookier than regular lighting. In this case, I put a battery-operated uplight on the floor under the table which makes the cheese cloth "spider web" glow.
Spanish moss looks spooky regardless of how you use it!
And replacing your chandelier bulbs with flicker bulbs gives that old time "gas-lit" feel.
Use dead flowers in vases where you would normally have live ones. I bought these roses a few weeks before Halloween, enjoyed them while they were beautiful, and then let them die in the vase for a perfect Halloween decoration!
Use lots of candles. Flameless ones are particularly useful if the flames will be near fabric, since you get rid of the fire risk. They also come with timers and remote controls which makes them very easy to turn on and off.
Use lots of fake spider webs. Hang them from the ceiling, drape them over furniture, stretch them across mirrors...If you're creating a Haunted House, it's hard to have too much spider web!
Replacing regular bulbs with colored ones also adds to the drama.
To get more suggestions on how to make your house look haunted, go to my post by clicking on the link below.
Wanda @ From House To Home
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