Asked on Dec 1, 2011

we are redoing the kitchen of a 120 year old house. We have bought a high end stove/range

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But because of placement and wall to wall thickness it can't be vented to outside. Need to get a recirculating vent hood (I guess) that will be built into the shelf /canopy over the stove.
Help what do I need to get and is not going to push the budget further out?
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  • Depending on the style of stove and the look your after. Many are going the industrial route by using a good quality stainless duct system that stays exposed along the ceiling to the outside wall. A recirculating hood is worthless. They only blow the grease and smoke up into the air. Many use a carbon filter that is supposed to remove odors, but that fails in very short order as the charcoal element that traps the odors fills quickly so all you end up with is a fan. Is there anyway you can go under the kitchen floor and use a down draft type hood? These are fairly thin and are placed against the wall and piped downward to a fan located in the basement or on higher end models the fan is located outside much like those you see in commercial kitchens.

  • Ken, I agree with Woodbridge totally a recirculating vent hood is useless. I think the idea of an exposed industrial hood works fine there are ways your kitchen designer can incorporate this into your kitchen seamlessly. Here are a few kitchens I bookmarked for you to take a look-

  • KMS Woodworks
    on Dec 5, 2011

    can you post some pics...its always possible to get the "outside" we just need a layout to see the most efficient route.

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