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Pallet Sign and Garden Planter All In One

I wanted a family sign and a garden planter for my side door, so I combined the two ideas to create a fun decoration using upcycled materials.
Time: 4 Hours Cost: $8.00 Difficulty: Easy
I started with a pallet from our current renovation/roofing project. It was easy to clean up, and spray paint in a bright blue color. I left the back side unfinished to create a second seasonal side for the holidays. It took two coats of spray paint to cover the front and sides of the pallet.
I added some creative touches with acrylic paints and cans from our recycling bin spray painted in a bright green. I used a glass bowl as the template for the center of the flower, and two smaller bowls traced on paper to create the petal template. It was very easy to trace the design on the pallet and fill in with two coats of paint.
I can easily change out the flowers with the seasons. My future plan will be to spray paint the back side in the same blue and add a snow man design for the winter months.

To see more: http://modernonmonticello.com/2015/10/pallet-sign-and-planter-all-in-one/

  • Miriam I
    Miriam I Bay Shore, NY
    on Oct 19, 2015

    What a darling idea!

  • Hannah V
    Hannah V Brooklyn, NY
    on Oct 19, 2015

    Absolutely love it! Perfect for people who have limited space too!

  • Stacy Thornton
    Stacy Thornton
    on Oct 20, 2015

    Great idea. I'm about to pick up a bunch of pallets and have been looking around for ideas. A sign is a great idea. Love that you can switch it up with a snowman.

  • Donna Powell
    Donna Powell Seymour, TN
    on Oct 20, 2015

    Thanks Miriam. I will update this when I finish painting a snowman on the other side for the winter months.

  • Robin Robertson
    Robin Robertson United Kingdom
    on Oct 23, 2015

    This is so lovely and cheerful! Great idea - definitely pinning this one!

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