Asked on Dec 2, 2011

I am tiling my basement floor.

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It is an older home and has a bit of weeping of the walls. I will not take the tile to thw wall but leave 1/2 inch that will allow the weepage to travel behind the baseboard and dry naturally. I am thinking of sealing the edge of the tile with a high quality caulk and debating whether I will need to bust a small hole for french drain in corner. What do you think?
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  • KMS Woodworks
    on Dec 2, 2011

    most basement water issues have to deal with problems outside the basement....poor soil, no gutters, improper slope etc. This is where water intrusion efforts should start.

  • Kathy before you spend money on the floor, you need to address the seepage, efflorescence, etc. There is two methods to do this. 1 is outside water proofing, the other 2. is the interior french drain water control system that oftentimes is called water proofing. Ideally the outside system is best, but anything that is best cost more. This is why most people have interior water control systems installed. This water seepage is not going to get any better. As time goes on it will only cause additional water to enter as the openings in the exterior side of the block wall become worse. By installing a french drain control system it will keep the water from getting into the living area, control mold issues, and prevent wall failures that could possibly occur later on. If you delay in doing this and continue to place the new floor down you will be tearing it up later on and having to do it again. The water will not dry naturally as you think. Any organic material that is near the seepage will begin to grow mold in sort order as the moisture is absorbed into the material. KMS does have some valid suggestions that will help slow down the water against the walls but this is a stop gap method that only slows down the issue at hand.

  • 3po3
    on Dec 3, 2011

    Woodbridge, you are so helpful and versatile.

  • Its Really Concrete, Inc.
    on Dec 5, 2011

    1st think of your fine home's basement as a ship's hull below the waterline & your issue will be easier to understand - its been leaking for some time but you just haven't seen it til now,,, its miraculous IF your leaking water problems heal by themselves,,, the water has been lying outside & inside the basement wall & recently broken thru the part of the wall you can see - the inside plane,,, there is NO applied coating ( despite what the apron/vest people tell you ) that will prevent water from attacking your home,,, you can install a sump & mechanically discharge the collected leaking water via a pump,,, you can install a ' french drain ' along the leaking wall thereby collecting the leaking water & direct it to the sump & pump,,, OR you can do as you post & suffer the consequences of mold, mildew, damage, reduced property value, & very likely structural damage,,, both woody & kms have posted valuable information,,, you well advised to follow it up - good luck !

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