Cargo Trailer Camper Conversion

I love small spaces and thinking creatively on living more with less. This 7 x10 cargo trailer has a full galley, full size bed, and bathroom. All in 70 sq ft! Easy to tow and simple to enjoy! Check out my video on the full build on YouTube - Cargo Trailer Camper Conversion - Spyder.
One piece seamless roof, torsion axel, 6" extra height, two-tone exterior.
Galley includes cooktop/grill, ice chest that is also an air conditioner and vents into cabin, hand pump faucet with bathroom access behind bipass doors.
Art piece is actually the table. Folds down!
Table with two-tone aluminum directors chairs.
A/C vent and access hole. Bathroom space. Pioneer stereo. 110v outlet. Side cabinet.
Full size bed with 6" memory foam mattress. LED light above bed. Battery readout display, USB and 12V charger.
Deck platform. Custom Spyder screen. Chair storage. Bipass doors.
110v outlet. Chrome faucet with 14 gallon water below. Paper towel holder and storage rack.
Pull-out cooktop/ grill. Pull-out cutting board.
Icy Breeze ice chest and air conditioner.
Bathroom space.
14 gallons of fresh water. Drains to exterior of camper.
This is where it all began. Has factory installed RV door with screen and two windows.
First layer of insulation. I also added rigid insulation panels.
Bed installed.

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9 questions
  • Gerty Medret
    Gerty Medret
    on Dec 30, 2015

    how much does it weigh?

  • Alan rodenhiser
    Alan rodenhiser
    on Jul 21, 2016

    any thoughts of adding a screen house attachment over the back ramp/kitchen area?

    • Victoria Allison
      Victoria Allison
      on Jul 22, 2016

      Yes- I think that would be a great addition. It's an easy ad on and would allow for shade and screened in area for more functional space. Thanks for the question!

  • Kate Harris
    Kate Harris
    on Mar 31, 2017

    Do you have a drawing of the floor plan? Awesome work!

    • Victoria Allison
      Victoria Allison
      on May 27, 2017

      Hi Kate, I actually just did a rough sk on the layout and checked the spacing by placing yellow tape on the floor. im glad you like it! Thanks!
  • Tammy LeBlanc
    Tammy LeBlanc
    on May 25, 2017

    My husband and I are just staring a cargo trailer conversion. We started off with taking down the chip board and installing foam isolation. We also insulated the roof. We put the chip board back up and painted the floor with Killz sealant paint. Our next step is going to be installing ventilation. There are two small vents (both are about 2.5" in diameter) currently in the cargo trailer (one on the left hand side of the v-nose and the second one is in the bottom right hand corner in the back. I am in need of some advise: do we have to install a roof vent/fan? My husband has an idea and I am not sure if it is safe or do able... He was thinking of enlarging one of the current vent holes and installing a cooling fan, do you think this will be sufficient? We will only be camping in the trailer in summer for a few days at a time. Any advise would be most welcomed. Thank you for your time.
    • Victoria Allison
      Victoria Allison
      on May 27, 2017

      Hi Tammy,
      Most of the cargo trailers that I looked at prior to making a purchase, had these types of vent holes that you mentioned. I didn't want any chance of moisture entering so I had them removed on a custom order for the Spyder camper. I do think ventilation is important. I added a fantastic fan on the ceiling and two windows. In such a small, airtight space, it is critical to have a cracked window or open vent while enclosed in the area to avoid lack of oxygen! If it were me, I would seal up the holes on the bottom or perhaps use them for something else like electric shore power hookup inlet, or ventilation for an appliance that uses propane gas like a refrigerator. I think there is a huge benefit to having the fan on the ceiling. For one, hot air rises. So, up and out easily. Also, it's out of the way of critical build space. Hope this helps and good for you on the cargo trailer camper build!
    • John Lieske
      John Lieske
      on Dec 6, 2019

      heat rises and will stay on top of the trailer, I just finished my conversion and put a fantastic fan in the ceiling, it works great

  • Ranger Ric
    Ranger Ric
    on Jun 9, 2018

    I’m curious what you spent on the interior conversion. Looks great.

  • Inf34433351
    on Nov 27, 2018

    (1) length and width of "bed?" (2) type of mattress on bed? People sweat on foam? (3) Heat for winter camping? Catalytic to avoid fumes? (4) interior height? I'm 6'2"; can I stand upright meal or showering? (5) Shower condensate? Interior condensate from heating air inside trailer?

  • Mark Anibas
    Mark Anibas
    on Apr 9, 2020

    that is awesome. i just ordered a 6x12 vnose . looking for ideas . does that grill setup pull out to the back door

  • Mark Anibas
    Mark Anibas
    on Apr 9, 2020

    where did you put the bathroom

    • Jamie Tyler Smith
      Jamie Tyler Smith
      on Aug 17, 2020

      see the little square in front of the bed when it's down. I believe that is the bathroom. Its behind the outdoor kitchen.

  • Jamie Tyler Smith
    Jamie Tyler Smith
    on Aug 17, 2020

    What a great build. I love the outdoor kitchen. I'm still deciding if I want to have indoor also, but I prefer to cook outside as not to have cooking smells in living area. Do you have an awning or canopy to cover in the rain. And do you close the ramp at night or leave the kitchen open. A slider with a locking screen door attached would be useful and safer. Thank you for sharing your build, so many useful ideas. Wonderful !

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  • CR
    on Nov 4, 2019

    I really love your conversion. Gorgeous!! Did you make the "feet" on your bed or purchase something ready made. I want to replicate that in mine.



  • Jennifer Downey
    Jennifer Downey
    on Jun 9, 2020

    You should have put the bed on a high platform as we did in our 6x13.5. Enabled us to use the entire floor space for storage, 4.4 frig, two seat couch, nine drawer storage, dresser, ottoman.

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