Front Entrance "Polatems" I built.

I posted my "Polatems" last year on Hometalk and enjoyed all of the comments by the followers of this awesome site. I have since built more in the front yard at the entrance of my home in Arizona. They create a first impression of who I am and are a great conversation piece.
I collected the pots and plates from "GW design" (Goodwill) and garage sales.
First I dig a hole a foot deep, fill it with concrete (quik-crete), insert a piece of rebar the height of the "polatem" you wish to build. Secure the rebar with two rocks to keep it straight. Allow the concrete to dry overnight. Begin strategically putting the pots and plates onto the rebar, gluing them as you go. A glass glue, usually in a caulking tube and applied with a caulking gun works best. This can be purchased at your local hardware store. If you have pots or plates without holes in them, you can drill them with a carbide tipped drill bit. On these particular "Polatems" I added metal containers to use as planters. The larger "Polatem" has an old fire pit pan as the planter, in which I have planted Aloe.
If you haven't seen my post of "Polatems" from last year, be sure to check it out. These are really fun to make.
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Front entrance "Polatems

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